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They say east or west home is best. This can as well be applicable to all clients who are looking for website designers. I personally encourage people to employ those who are near them provided the quality is not compromised.


Face to face interactions

This personally is good to me. I like chatting with people directly. Unlike the internet, I cannot believe the person I am chatting with as anybody can decide to replace the designer when on a video call up to the end of the contract. Face to face interactions are good because they help me create a good rapport with my designer.


I like it when my designer is around each time I call upon for help. Since the world has different time zones, I often find it difficult employing those who are in time zones different from mine. This is because if I may ever need an emergent correction concerning the website, I then will be in trouble as I will have to wait until the designer is in office. By employing a local designer, I can be sure to find him during office hours as we are located in the same time zone.


Communication is important to success of any business. I have to take in consideration that we differ in languages. Maybe my preferred language is neither understood nor spoken in my designer’s country. This will then be difficult. I have to rely on local designers. This is because I can comfortably explain my work in a language that we both can enjoy and understand. Another thing is that since calling rates differ from country to country; I may find it expensive calling a designer from another country. By using the local designers, I can incur little since we rely on the same service provider.


Again, I have to accept that each country has its own currency. Converting it to other currencies makes it expensive as I will be forced to incur all the expenses to ensure that my designer receives what we agreed on. Employing a local designer gives me an upper hand. Since my local client and I have good knowledge about the local currency and the methods for transaction, we can comfortably agree on a reasonable price.

Pricing, communication and face to face interactions are among the top reasons as to why I can employ a local Logo Design company. But all these will only be applicable if the quality of my work is not compromised.